Connecting with Other Women

His Scoop Study/hSS

Are you seeking a connection to other believers? Or are you a new believer yourself?  Sometimes you just need to reach out and say, "I need a sister in Christ, to share my praises, and my prayer requests. We all need to get that connection that goes deeper than just knowing someone's name!

We're pulled in so many different directions as women. When you're working outside, or at home--or as a mom, grandmother, or extended family, sometimes just taking that hour of me-time for Bible study seems to take a lot of jostling of our schedule, kids and responsibilities. We have two options for ladies, on Tuesday night or Thursday morning, at different churches in your community. Please see our page to check out the HSS Bible study. We take a break after May, and resume in the fall. See our Bible study page to make connections to other women seeking Jesus' peace and grace through study.