Sharing the Scoop with Our Founder

    Becki founded Scoop Ministries when she was looking for a way to connect women, who wanted to fellowship together, "Sharing the Scoop" about all the "Flavors of Hope" of Jesus. No matter what we're going through, she knows that if we offer our praises, thanksgiving and petitions up to the Lord, that He is over joyed to welcome the two-way conversation as He hears your every prayer. He is Big enough to handle all your burdens and challenges on this side of Heaven.

    She thought the best way to do this was to untie the lines that kept the women apart, and unite the various churches in one mission. In doing that, it continually accomplishes multiple purposes, and Becki constantly smiles about how God can do that in our lives!

    If you have a story about what God has done in your life, through a storm, blessing or challenge--whatever it is, please email Becki, to share of God's grace. She loves to share about these blessings in our newsletter: His Scoop to Share. She may have another book to write in the future called "33 Flavors of Grace."

    Connect  to  Women's Testimonies

    One outcome of Becki's faith filled experiences, along with other women of God, was 33 Flavors of Good. It is a self-published devotional book, which tells real women's stories of how God can transform a life and give women real hope. Like Romans 8:28, the good that has come out of this book is glorifying the Lord. All proceeds from this book go to Scoop Ministries, Inc. Email Becki at if you would like a copy or two, at $10.00 each. It is a great resource for small groups, discipleship with two women, or individual Bible study. Click here for more information on Flavors-of-Hope.