supporting SMI

tHROUGH online giving

Scoop Ministries  is on the move by the grace of God,  because of friends like you. Together we can reach out to all women in our community and grow this ministry for the Glory of our God! 

When you give to SMI, you bless not only women who need the Lord, but a part of the proceeds goes  toward the "Flavors of Hope" grant program. These grants help women who may be in a short-term financial crisis. All donations to date, have helped us bless 177 women and 10 organizations, with $62,386 since SMI was founded in 2008. The Flavors-of-Hope Grants were added in 2012, increasing SMIs ability to provide for women in short-term financial crisis.

Offerings are simple with our website. Choose your preferred method below, scrolling to online giving with one-time gifts, monthly recurring gifts or or Lo Lo's Love Bags donations (120 given out so far). There is also information below for mail-in donations. Scroll for your preferred method. Scoop Ministries, Inc. is a nonprofit, so your gift is tax deductible. If you have a church or business, and are thinking of donating, please see our sponsorships page.

If you want to donate for a specific purpose like our HSS Bible study books, you can go to the book donations page, or if you want to donate toward LoLo's Love Bags, please scroll to our "one-time gift" or "recurring gift" options below. Click here for more information on Lo Lo's Love Bags and to see a list of toiletries that you can bring to donate when we have events.

We want to thank you in advance for choosing SMI as a worthy 100% volunteer-run ministry to give to. You will bless other women with your precious gifts!

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  • Lo Lo's Love Bags recurring gifts
  • Lo Lo's Love Bags one-time gifts
  • Donating books for HSS Bible study



You may have been there one time yourself, where you didn't know how you were going to be able to fit one more thing into your budget. Then sometimes we are blessed beyond measure when we get an unexpected gift and we want to let it overflow to bless someone else. The Lord knows how to set up those divine appointments, and if you're feeling led to donate the registration fee ($20 for individual registrations) for one or more women to attend the annual Scoop Conference, please click on the button below. When you get to the blank field where you can enter names, just write something along the lines of donating for my sister(s) in need. Or if you want to register for a certain friend, please go through the registration pages in person or virtual, and put their name in the fill-in fields under the registration quantity buttons. Then tell them to meet you down there at St. Paul's Life Center with the doors opening at 8:15 am with the event starting at 9:00 am. They can grab a cup of coffee with you as you nosh together on the muffins and fruit!


regular ONLINE  Prayerful giving

God blesses the cheerful giver

2 Corinthians 9:6-7: Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.


You can click on the easy-giving button below, and pick your amount and giving preferences--either as a one time gift, or recurring, monthly giving. Any amount helps us as a nonprofit. From those who would prayerfully give more, to those who can only give a small amount per month, we thank you for blessing SMI with your sacrificial giving! Your donations help women like this young lady, in doing things like covering for bills during challenging times, or changing jobs and making car payments. Pray about how much you can give

One-time gifts to SMI

giving annually or blessing us when  possible

Would you consider making an annual gift to Scoop Ministries, Inc.? As a nonprofit, we rely on the blessings provided by friends like you. These offerings enable SMI to provide the Flavors-of-Hope grants to women who need the Lord, and need our help. Please help us to bless them in their time of need.

Each spring, we do a mailing seeking support, so if you would like to be included in that mailing, please email becki@sharethe You may also set up one time or recurring online gifts, by clicking on the donation button.  If you need to mail in your gift, please see below for our downloadable mail-in form. Thank you for providing as the Lord blesses you!

Snail Mail gifts to SMI

It's old fashioned but it works!

You can download a form for mail in donations and send to: 

Scoop Ministries, Inc.

Attn: Becki Brown

793 South Tracy Blvd #149, Tracy, CA 95376

Please let us know if you would like to be included on the annual donation list. We would feel honored that you would share your blessings. You can mark that on the donation form, or email

Lo Lo's Love Bags recurring gifts

regular gifts taken on your timing

If you can bless a woman by provide an ongoing gift (choosing the timing), please feel free to help us provide Lo Lo's Love Bags. They go to women on a case by case basis, either those who are homeless or maybe just struggling to meet their personal needs during a challenging time. It is a labor of love envisioned by Lorri "Lo Lo's" best friend Wanda Thompson. You will have the option to do a recurring donation by clicking on the button below, or you can scroll below for a one-time gift option. Thank you so much for giving to Lo Lo's Love Bags!

Lo Lo's Love Bags ONE-TIME gifts

gifts can be given annually or when the time is good for you

Lorri was the kind of gal who always said we were "Better together". She served on SMI's board as secretary, worked full-time and was a very loving mom and wife. She knew that giving is sometimes a hard thing, and appreciated time spent as well as donations. We appreciate any amount you can give whether it's a one-time gift, once a year, or once a month. If you can come back and bless another sister when they need it most--especially with a bag of personal items such as toiletries, we can hear Lo Lo saying from heaven, "God bless you because we're better together!" 


gifts can be donated @ our events, both big and small

We have been putting LoLo's Love Bags together since 2019 in honor of our dear friend and former board member Lorri Smith. She had such a heart for God and always served with a smile. The year prior to her passing, she even went on a missions trip to Haiti to serve at God's Littlest Angels Haitian Baby Ministry and Orphanage. So when the idea arose to provide women in need with bags of toiletries and skin-care items, LoLo's Lovebags was born. Please see the page for information on the ministry, or download the list of items that you can donate when you come to our events, or make a donation on one of the links below, either recurring/automatic donations or a one-time gift. 

Donations for HSS Bible Study Books

We ask for donations for the Bible study reference books, and if you can bless another sister who could use a little help in obtaining her book, we're all doubly blessed. Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.--Matthew 6:21 NIV