Flavors of Hope Grant Program

"The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made." Psalm 145:9

The Flavors of Hope (FOH) program is one of the many partnerships that can be found through Tracy Family Resource Center (CPFSJ). CPFSJ is a non-profit organization that provides tools, resources and connections through partnerships to help families improve their quality of life.

All women to be considered for a FOH grant must be interviewed by the staff at Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin (CPFSJ). A recommendation must come from CPFSJ first, before SMI board votes to approve or not approve a grant. CPFSJ staff will inform women of other potential resources to help them recover from their crisis before a FOH grant is considered. The SMI board prayerfully considers the circumstance of each recommended applicant prior to awarding a grant.

Tracy Family Resource Center (CPFSJ)

35 E. 10th Street, Ste. A

Tracy, CA

(209) 229-4922

The goal of the Flavors of Hope program is to provide financial support to local women who may be in a short-term crisis. Consideration will be given to applicants based on the following goals of the grant program:

  • Support local women who may be in a short-term crisis.
  • Provide financial assistance (but not limited to) for such things as housing needs, transportation costs, childcare, meal vouchers, healthcare needs, etc.
  • Form partnerships with other non-profit groups in our community who also help women and can assist in identifying women who may qualify for a Flavors of Hope grant.
  • Have a sound accountability plan for administering grants.

It is the desire of SMI, through this program, to provide a minimum of (1) (but not limited to) grant(s) of $250.00 to $500.00 annually to women who meet the criteria of the Flavors of Hope program. The amount of the grant awarded as approved by the Board of Directors of SMI, will be paid directly to the organization or business in which the service is given to the woman in crisis. When requested by SMI, the grant recipient and/or the business shall provide financial accountability to SMI for any payments of the service and/or item given to the grant recipient.

Women applying for a grant must reside in San Joaquin County. Of note: SMI will review all applications in the order that they are received and grants will be awarded given funds are available. Only one grant will be given to any one person in a calendar year, and no more than (2) grants given to any one person and/or household.

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CPFSJ Screens Applicants

“The Flavors of Hope program embodies what community "servant," not service work, looks like in our community.”~Lindsay M. Grant, Program Coordinator, Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin, Summer 2015

D. Rosas, 2021 Grantee

“I wanted to take the time to thank your organization and those who donate to help those like ourselves in need. Please know that it is going to a wonderful cause, just when we were at our worst and feeling so broken we had wonderful news that you all could help us. We are forever grateful for helping us pay our entire PG&E bill as we can’t even make rent along with the car insurance, our lives changed in just a moment. Our family unit has grown stronger and know that life is so precious. I remember wearing my sisters hand me downs going into a new school year, old shoes and holes in my clothes. Well, my daughter is going to be 8 and the only child so no hand me downs available for her; with this whole year and a half being in quarantine she has out grown all of her clothes, so I thank you once again for helping with a bright fresh start going into the 2nd grade. We will definitely make those gift cards go far! God bless and thank you for helping us when we needed it the most.”

Gloria SILVEIRA-PEÑA, 2020 Grantee

"I would like to thank you for helping me and my family with the generous extra week stay at a hotel in one of the most traumatic and stressful events of our lives. Thanks to your help my family and I as well as other families were able to regroup and find a more semi-permanent place to stay. Even though we went through that horrible event I know that GOD puts people in our lives to show us his Mercy and Love. We are very blessed to have had your support and from the bottom of our hearts I want to say thanks and may GOD bless you and your families."

Merlyn, Grantee from 2017

"I would personally like to say that Scoop Ministries exemplifies the love of Christ, literally sowing fishes and loaves into my life and situation, having not known me or judging me or forcing anything on me like ‘We’ll help you, you’d have to do this, that or the other.”

The only concern was where I was spiritually in my life, and I guess if I did not know the Lord, I would have been introduced to him. I want to unashamedly thank everyone who is a part of the ministry, the board of the directors, the volunteers and workers, just know in my book, you are all earth angels. Thank you for what you do to assist those in our time of need."~Merlyn, 2017 FOH Grantee

Full testimonial

2015 Grant recipient

“I don’t know how to say thank you to angels. I have never had anyone show me so much love. To have this kind of unselfish gift given to me is more than a blessing. I hope the heavens open and send an abundance of blessings to all who are involved with SMI. I can’t stop my tears... as I can’t thank you enough. I was just blessed with getting a job in Stockton. Hallelujah. God is good!”~2015 Flavors of Hope Grant Recipient

Grantee Robin MacDonald from 2015

“I was suddenly unemployed and our daughter was diagnosed with a serious birth defect…Scoop Ministries, Inc. came in and gave us gift cards for gas and groceries which reminded me that God truly does provide for all our needs.”~Robin MacDonald, 2015 Flavors of Hope Grant Recipient

Jeanette Felts 2015 Grant Recipient

“I had been experiencing so many trials… It is such a blessing to know that I could reach out and hands were extended to me…with care, compassion and prayer.”~Jeanette Felts, 2015 Flavors of Hope Grant Recipient

2015 grant recipient melinda Hinkley

“The Lord is using this ministry in so many ways and I am truly thankful for the gift and hope I was granted.”~Melinda Hinkley, 2014 Flavors of Hope Grant Recipient

Tracy Wood & FAmily, blessed in 2014

“Being a single mother of four children, it was truly a blessing and instilled the HOPE I needed. Thank you!”~Tracy Wood, 2014 Flavors of Hope Grant Recipient

2014 Grant recipient

"After having sleepless nights and stressful days of trying to seek assistance, I didn’t think any agency, nor did anyone care enough to take my emergency need serious. It feels good to know that SMI is not just an agency, but they are a spiritual reflection of people we need in our everyday lives and times of uncertainty. I thank God for blessing me with SMI."~2014 Flavors of Hope Grant Recipient

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"The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made."                                                                          Psalm 145:9

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