DONATE hss sTUDY books/Workbooks

This study is being done through donations to Scoop Ministries, Inc. If any ladies can't make a donation, we will do our best to find an anonymous angel-donor to grant the funds for us to give it to you (just email the leader, on the HSS info page).


Feel free to donate the funds below in the donations section (which are tax-deductible) if you want to give a book to a sister in need. See below for that blessing. Click on the button directly below to donate one or more books for another sister friend that you might invite to the study. Regular purchases are not tax-deductible. Like our angel--that we named the Lo Lo's Love bags ministry after, Lorri Smith always said, "We do better together!"

When God blesses us, we can turn around and bless another sister anonymously and cheerfully! God not only loves the cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7), but He knows when you give, you will feel more blessed than the one receiving your gift. It's all a gift from the Lord, and when you give it away, it comes back to you!

Please feel free to donate as freely as you have been blessed toward our book/guide fund. It's a tax deductible gift as SMI is a 501(c)3. Our joy comes from knowing that God's word will never return void as in Isaiah 55:11, that a sister who thirsts for his word will find it comes to her and blesses her fully!