His  scoop  study fellowship  (HSS) 

our Fall Study has ended & we're planning for the winter study

Tuesday & Thursday studies   we last journeyed with  guide, beth moore

Our last 6-week study was Beth Moore's The Quest, where we got more intimate with God.

Imagine that! The word question starts with a "quest". And a question mark has a curve in the road that takes you to destinations ripe with discovery!

Have you ever had a question for God? Beth Moore invites us on a journey through scripture to bring us to a deeper intimacy with God. In this 6-week excursion, we will know God more thoroughly by seeking answers to both His questions and our questions for Him. Moore helps us to more fully know God and understand his word. Get ready to dig deep and get your hiking boots on as we'll be gaining some higher ground!

  • Learn to pray to promote intimacy with God.
  • Explore questions and responses from the Bible.
  • Track your quest by journaling along the way.
  • Learn to read and respond to scripture.


  • Tuesday nights, 6:30 to 8:30 pm starting September 27, via Zoom*
  • Thursday mornings, 9:00 to 10:30 am starting September 29 at St. Paul's Parish Hall, 1635 W. Chester Ave., Tracy. Members will practice social distancing and have the option for a hybrid meeting via Zoom*

This is be a 6-week study. *The Zoom meeting link will be emailed to group attendees


See the tips on this downloadable doc if you have not "Zoomed" before.

For information contact leaders:

Click to email the leaders for more information on the study.


This study offered through a suggested donation of $20 per book. Please prayerfully consider donating a book or two extra to a sister in her time of need through our site.

All women will:

  •         COME and be connected
  •         TASTE and grow to know the Lord more
  •         SEE and experience that God is active in your life today!

Our nondenominational Christian study and fellowship offers biblical foundations for building a stronger relationship with God, forming relationships with one another and lifting one another up with prayer and accountability support. His Scoop Study (HSS Bible Study) has served 210 women since starting in 2012.

More info:

The AM group normally meets at St. Paul's Parish Hall and the PM group normally meets at St. Paul's or another partnering church. During the COVID-19 precautionary measures, the PM will be meeting via Zoom, and the morning do a hybrid study with some ladies gathering in person, socially distanced, as well as on Zoom. Studies typically run from 6 to 13 weeks. Our yearly summer break is from May-August. See our statement of beliefs for more information.

Testimonials from former HSS attendees:

"HSS studies always impact me and impact my walk with God. I can always count on our studies to bring me to 'the next level' (and believe me there is no end to our next level!). Each study still brings me to a deeper awareness of just how much God loves me and desires to spend time with me."--Teresa M., 2020  HSS attendee

"Priscilla Shirer’s, Discerning the Voice of God, has taught me how important it  is for me to listen to God speaking to me through the Holy Spirit. As I make my way through extended grief, trying to figure out steps to take for my ultimate next move in my life, I realize that God is guiding me in every step, if I only pay attention and listen to his voice. This is giving me much peace in my decisions and choices that are coming next. If it doesn’t feel right, then it isn’t coming from God."--MaryAnne B., 2020 HSS attendee

"I started HSS to keep me accountable for a promise I made to myself to stay in God’s word daily. Turns out to be sooo much more! He is speaking directly to my heart with each study I do. I am learning daily about our Incredible Savior, how much He loves me and how worthy I am. I love the leaders and

feel a great bond with these beautiful women God has placed to help guide me in the right direction! God is good!"--Ana, 2020 HSS attendee

“Ladies! You don’t know what this study has meant to me! It’s saved my marriage! This is really the first [HSS] I’ve attended, and the facilitators are just so good! Ladies need to be in this study! This was life changing for me, being able to come together to learn about the Lord.”--Lisa, 2018 HSS attendee

“As I continue my walk to get closer to God, I realize just how much I don't know. Every time I do a study, I learn so much and realize why something is, or isn't happening in my life. I realize the importance of staying close to His word and I'm constantly amazed at each revelation of what God wants for me. Staying connected with other women who study His word has drawn me closer to the Lord and all His glory!”--Mary Anne, 2017 HSS attendee

"I so appreciate each and every person, for this study has been an amazing time of learning & growth for me. It was an answer to prayer is what it was! Our leaders were amazing as all of the ladies that came. I will hold you all dear in my heart. Thank you for allowing me to come to the group. Never stop inviting new ladies to join the group for I will be forever grateful for my invite. It was life changing at a time when I had no hope. I found the strength and faith to continue."--Brenda, 2016 HSS attendee