• Lo Lo's Love Bags

    Lorri (Lo Lo) Smith was a godly woman. She was faithful. She beat leukemia once, but the Lord had bigger plans. She was always saying to us, "We are better together!" And to honor Lorri's memory, Lo Lo's Love Bags were born as a new ministry for SMI in 2019. We have given out 74 bags since then! Comfort Care Bags were added to this ministry in 2022 for women in short-term crisis. It's all a labor of love done in Lorri's memory!

    You can help us fill the bags by donating some of the items below. If you can find it in your closet, or grab an extra one now and then, please bring them to the Scoop each year, or contact us. We sometimes have special events and you can drop by with some much desired items for women in need.

    We are assembling these Love bags for homeless women, so the need is great! Please see the list or download it here to have your friends participate in a shopping spree! Trial sizes* or full-sized toiletries are both greatly appreciated. Grab a cup of coffee together with your friends before grabbing your Lo Lo's Love Bag ingredients to fill a bag with LOVE, using this shopping list! If you'd rather make a monetary donations on a one-time gift or recurring gift level, please go to our donations page.

    These bags will be given to women in need and/or homeless women in partnership with Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin/Tracy Family Resource Center. We have 50 bags to fill but any amount you can give would be greatly appreciated. Contact Wanda or Donna for giving donations and arranging for pickup. Wanda@sharethescoop.org or Donna@sharethescoop.org.

    Lo Lo's Love Bag needs:

    Hygiene :

    Tooth paste*


    Hair brush

    Body wipes/Deodorant*

    Hand sanitizer (we currently have enough right now)





    Shampoo/Dry Shampoo*

    Towel/wash cloth


    Flip flops - for showering or if they don’t have shoes at all


    Beyond the daily essentials: 

    Something to make them feel special

    Perfume - Body mist

    Face mask



    Body Lotion

    Lip gloss

    Chap Stick

    Hair ties

    Feeding her soul:

    Bible (SMI has purchased 75 Bibles)

    Small Daily devotion book

    His Scoop Study card (SMI provides)

    Medical advice:

    Skin screen card  (we currently have enough right now)

    Self-breast exam card (we currently have enough right now, but can ask our local Hospital when we need them)

    Other resource info