WE ARE SO EXCITED TO GATHER AGAIN WITH "The Scoop: Girlfriends in God"!


READY FOR SOME TIME WITH YOUR GIRLFRIENDS? We have all been through so much in the past couple years—with our immediate families sometimes a bit crowded, without a break—not being able to celebrate holidays with extended family. We had been longing for time with our girlfriends who normally kept us sane—sharing a little coffee or a girl’s night out—sneaking in a movie when our husbands were watching the kids! Or we were tired of being isolated from the grandkids because they were finally able to run around again at school, but the dreaded “P-word” was still on the tip of everyone’s tongue!

Still a little unsure about gathering in large groupsWe will be taking precautionshaving sanitizing stations and encouraging socially distancing within the sanctuary. Although the pandemic is still in the news, we can always put our masks on—or we will have a virtual option for those that still need to stay in the comfort of home. Upon registration, we will provide the Youtube.com link the morning of the event. 

We know you will be blessed, listening to sisters in Christ sharing their testimonials in “The Scoop”—the talk show that inspires when you see how God moves among our sisters. Find out what makes them “TIC”—coming TOGETHER IN CHRISTTHRIVING IN COMMUNITY. We won’t need TikTok, because we’ll be TOGETHER & THRIVING! We are better together!!

REGISTRATION FOR THE CONFERENCE: The Scoop: Girlfriends in God will be on Saturday, September 10, from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm with doors opening at 8:15 am. It’s time to sing in exultation and shout to the Lord! Registration @ $20 starts July 6 and ends September 6 @ midnight. You can register for attending in person or virtual via YouTube, and you'll get the link at 8:30 am on the morning of the event. If you miss the deadline, you can register at the door for $30. You can register for a few of your friends, and/or make a donation for a woman in financial crisis to attend.

You’ll hear about our fall HSS Bible study and get a chance to sign up for our e-Newsletters. So you can register by September 3 online or at the door. Invite your girlfriends and come celebrate! And please be sure to bring some donatable items for our Lo Lo's Love Bags ministry. It's expanded from help for ladies in crisis to care bags for the homeless, ladies going through tough times, etc. See the Love Bags page for suggested donations.


"A beautiful time of worship & sharing. The flow of the Holy Spirit was noticeably present as we watched others surrender, receive and be blessed by the Lord as well as each one of us working together as one body of the Lord to make this event happen. You are all amazing Women of God. Can't wait to see what's in store for September gathering."

"It was a beautiful, spirit-filled day. All did great. The beach discussion was perfect and the worship was amazing! God was truly blessed today by His daughters."

"It was a beautiful day full of meaningful messages. God sure uses every hurt and every pain for His glory...and every Scoop!"

"You ladies are such a beautiful blessing! I hope that you are aware of this. This event fills my heart. Words fail me."

"Thank you again for creating Share the Scoop Becki. It's an incredible blessing. My weekend has been amazing since Scoop. It was my favorite one."

"This day is so upbeat and encouraging. Wonderful Worship! Thank you for speaking God's word of truth to our hearts. I love everything about this day! Very well orchestrated and informative. Personally impactful. Simply delightful. Event was amazing from beginning to the end. Testimonies speak volumes! Love the diversity of women who come together from all walks of life. This day is just what God ordered for me."

Our 2018 planning retreat: rest, reflect, connect!

We had the "The Meltdown" in 2016, and "Overflowed" in 2017! We gathered after our biggest conference yet, the 10th anniversary in 2017 where Share the Scoop had evolved as the ice cream shifted shape. After 10 years of conferences with an all volunteer staff and teams, leadership decided to take scale it back a bit for this year with a simpler event to make it all about the Lord and less about the speakers. So at the 2017 planning retreat, we figured out ways to connect and to try to make it free for the first time since Scoop's mission ignited in 2008. After several great ideas and brainstorming during the retreat, we landed on the theme of "Rest, Reflect, Connect". So we came up with multiple thoughts of how we would come up with an event or community events. As our friend Lorri Smith said all the time—before joining the Lord on High, "We are better together," so 2018 is going to be the year of two "Connect & Worship" events. It's simplified from the bigger conferences of the past with keynote speakers. We'll just get down to praising and glorifying the Lord. Our retreat gift of a “sandy” sea-salt bath salts, started us off in that relaxed state of mind! And here we go~connecting with our toes in the "sand"!



The Scoop has been going strong for 9 solid years, and with our program team's prayerful vision, "Share the Scoop" has evolved to go to a deeper level, to nourish women, while helping women to dive in further to God's word. "The Overflow" Conference is still going to have the ice cream "Scooptacular" to top everything off, but we are going to find Jesus' living water, to find our joy in the overflow.