Church Promo Resources

Thank you so much for helping us in our mission to fan out into our community and beyond to reach all women, so that the flavors of Jesus Christ can be shared! We appreciate churches blessing SMI by adding our promotional pieces into their worship folders, announcement slides, and/or slide "loops" before and after services.

See below for a listing of our various pieces that may be used in your church media/worship folders. After clicking on the title of the graphic, it will download the file or a jpeg, which will open in a separate window. Right click on the jpeg image, then copy and paste into the program of your choice (i.e. Adobe Photoshop, PowerPoint, Pro-Presenter, etc.).

We will not be using the hard tickets, or selling them at the churches any longer. We are doing something new this year by using a QR code on our posters and postcards for the ladies to go easily, straight to the registration page. If your church allows you to promote our event using posters and post cards, just have the ladies take a quick pic of the QR code and they can either register immediately or bookmark the page. If you need a poster and postcards delivered to your church. Email Deborah Littleton or text/call @ 209-629-2506. We can either drop it off or mail it if you're further away.

*Please let us know if you're printing the poster/postcards downloads, as they are only low-res. jpegs. We can upgrade if needed.

Multimedia slides:

Promotional video::

  • See the video below, which you can download and show during announcments

Other Promotional graphics:

Promotional Worship Folder blurb:

Promotional video for The Scoop: Girlfriends in God

It would be such a blessnig if you or your church can share this promo video in the announcements or on Facebook. The music is royalty free, and credit thas been provided at the end of the video, so there should not be any issues with copyrights. Our group is 100% volunteer run by women from different area churches. Our mission is to fan out into our community and beyond to reach all women, so that the flavors of Jesus Christ can be shared. We provide assistance to women in short-term financial crisis so any help you can provide in promotions is greatly appreciated.