Overflowing August 26, 2017


The Scoop had been going strong for 10 solid years, and with our program team's prayerful vision, "Share the Scoop" evolved to go to a deeper level, to nourish women, while helping women to dive in further to God's word. "The Overflow" Conference still had the ice cream "Scooptacular" to top everything off, but we found Jesus' living water and discovered our joy in the overflow! Many hearts were touched by the testimonials, The Scoop talk show, and entertained by energetic Rhonda Stoppe!


Melted Down, Honest Moments in 2016

We were faced with some truths in this emotionally revealing conference--that God wants us to be real! The Lord was working in and through the event, both behind the scenes, and during the conference. The board of directors lost a wonderful friend, and sister in Christ--Lorri Smith, just the Sunday before the conference, who was so woven into the fabric of the Scoop. And then our program chairs found the refreshing Tam Hodge who shared the message of being honest with those around you, and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly moments that makes us who we are--strengths, flaws, everything in between.

The women who came on Saturday, August 27, were touched immeasurably, through the testimonial speakers in "The Scoop" talk show, and then when Tam fought her cold to deliver a deep look at sharing everything with your family. When the shadows are cast off, and the truth is revealed, it's only then that we are truly free to be the person that Jesus meant for us to be. And the women that came got to hear that message with clarity. Have a look at some of the moments that we shared! Grantees from the Flavors of Hope program got to enjoy some time in sisterhood. And old friends got to share ice cream, while new friendships were being made. Pencil us into your calendar for next year, so you can Share the Scoop with us!