Invite FriendS & Save the date!

JOIN YOUR SISTERS IN CHRIST. We've needed to gather again with our sisters so it's time to join us for "The Scoop: Girlfriends in God.Read more about the event on our Scoop event page.

Join your girlfriends, family, and church family at the event on Saturday, September 10, from 9:00 am-noon, at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Tracy. The Life Center Doors will open up for registration and fellowship at 8:15 am. You will discover what makes women tic (Thriving in Christ and being Together in Community!)

We are here here  to fan out into our community and beyond to reach all women, so that the flavors of Jesus Christ can be shared. Scoop Ministries, Inc.'s annual event is designed to connect women in the community---to each other and local churches--finding friends who give you that added benefit of sisterhood!

We want every woman to feel that when you come to SMI's annual conveference, that you are covered in God's grace. You'll find girlfriends that give you have a shoulder to cry on when needed or just someone to sit down with a cup of coffee when you need an adult ear!

And for those who've been with us before, ice cream melts to bond us together, so hold onto that thought until until the conference! 

Save the date, and print a card to hang on your fridge. Click here to download the "save the date card". You can also download and email a friend or save it to your Facebook or Instangram pages! Your support enables the ministry to keep going with its mission. This also helps support our Flavors of Hope program.