Our values

Jesus is at the very center, the true north of everything that we do. Share the Scoop is a nondenominational event. Scoop Ministries, Inc. is all about refreshing, refilling, and sharing the flavors of Christ with women. It prayerfully started out as a way to gather women to share how God is actively involved in the daily lives of women.

We started out in one church as a small event, but when the Grand Theatre opened, we grew to inviting women from all of the different denominational christian churches in Tracy, and the surrounding communities. We move from time to time, to another one of our partnering churches, so we're not specifically tied to any given church as we know Jesus would have been walking from church to church, teaching and sharing God's word. He only drew lines in the sand when it came to judgement. We assemble as one body of believers because our hearts drive us to celebrate and lift our sisters up!